Secret of tasty

The main characteristic of Tabushi ramen is the bonito flavored oil.
Only the choicest dried sardines are simmered just right to unleash the fish’s true aroma and flavor.
The extra fats and oils are removed from the pork broth and plenty of sliced, dried bonito are added along with the prepared sardines. This is all boiled over low heat, giving the final product a strong, rich taste of fish.
This finished oil is essentially a condensed extract of rich fish flavor and aroma.
Starting with bonito and including other fish gives this oil a profoundly rich flavor and an eye-popping aroma that will fascinate anybody who tries it.
The secret to making Tabushi ramen so delicious that no matter how many times you’ve had it you always want it again is this bonito flavored oil.

To make a delicious pork broth, Tabushi doesn’t compromise when it comes to ingredients or preparation time.
We start with fresh, domestic pork and after washing it remove the impurities, them simmer it for two hours while diligently skimming.
Then, to seal in the flavor we break up the pork and bones and then cook it on high heat for four more hours. After doing all of this a second time the first day’s work is done.
On the second day we once again cook the soup, which has matured overnight, on high heat, add additional ingredients such as chicken and dried sardines, and simmer it on low heat for another two hours to complete the process.
The reason our pork broth doesn’t give off a strong odor is that we use only the choicest domestic pork, handle the entire process with unparalleled care, and spend a total of 12 hours preparing the broth.
The flavor has the strong body of pork broth with a mild deliciousness, a great thickness, and the strong flavor of bonito and dried sardines. This gives it a thick, powerful fish and pork taste.
Because it doesn’t have the strong odor of normal pork broth, even people who don’t like pork broth can enjoy our modern, refined Tabushi ramen.

Our 100% homemade noodles are made from domestic wheat. We spare no effort in order to realize the goal of creating the ultimate ramen.
These noodles are the result of countless trials using various blends of domestic and foreign wheat to arrive at just the flavor and texture we desired.
The finished noodles are thin with a silk-like texture and pack a rich, wheat flavor, making them worthy of our ramen.
In order to balance our characteristic soup we use straight, medium thickness noodles. These absorb just the right amount of soup and their texture helps to enhance the flavor of the soup.
The noodles are also infused with powdered bonito.
While at first glance this might seem to work against the wheat, it is one of our secrets to delicious ramen.
Tabushi ramen uses plenty of bonito both in the soup and in the oil, creating an impact-full fish flavor that can be enjoyed right to the bottom of the bowel, especially when complimented by the bonito infused noodles.
The noodles absorb the flavor from the soup and oil, so the flavor actually gets stronger as you eat.
The reason that you won’t be able to help but eat the whole thing is that this combination creates a flavor drama that can’t be ignored.

When it comes to ramen, salted bamboo is a standard topping. Tabushi ramen uses only the finest bamboo.
Normal ramen shops use many parts of the bamboo plant, called machiku, but Tabushi ramen uses only the tips.
This is more expensive as much more bamboo must be harvested, but it is worth it as it is unbelievably tender and juicy and has a great fresh taste.
Furthermore, because it is so tender it suits the soup much better than normal bamboo, making it an indispensable ingredient in every delicious bowl of Tabushi ramen.
The magazine “Tokyo Weekly” called it the “Best Bamboo Available,” and we are proud to offer the best cuts of this extravagant bamboo in our restaurants.